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Game-changing blockchain intelligence that arms your company with 100% guaranteed trackable, opt-in & opt-out permission verification for every message you send — calls, emails, texts

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Say Goodbye to TCPA
Bottom Feeder
Lawsuits or Settlements
Stop Paying for
Expensive Unreliable
Opt-In Only Token Verification Data
Effortlessly Tackle
Complex Compliance Hurdles


Permission Refresh

Revive Old Leads. Generate New Revenue

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Stop Client Slippage Before It Starts

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Stop Dialing Leads Who Won’t Answer

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Compliance Guard

Permission Opt-in & Opt-out Tracking and Verification

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Compliance Block

Stops Non-compliant Clicks and Calls

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We understand your frustrations because we have over 30 years of combined experience in lead generation and
finally decided to end the pain of permission compliance once and for all.

It’s time to revolutionize marketing compliance
with blockchain innovation.

Our exclusive patent-pending technology disrupts the marketing compliance industry by helping financial, insurance,
eCommerce, and marketing companies gain new revenue from old leads.

Permissionize also delivers undeniable, legal verification of consumer permission with instantaneous trackable data,
automatically blocks non-compliant leads, and filters non-compliant leads from existing lists and third-party data.

Sleep Well Knowing Lead Quality and Consumer Authorization Issues Are Handled.

Permissionize’s unique solution allows permission records to be stored and accessed through the blockchain. This first-to-market process creates undisputable, forensic-level proof of consumer permission status resulting in:

Compliantly refreshing aged lead lists, turning them into top-line revenue-producing assets.

Dramatically reducing legal costs in settlements or ligation.

Forensic-level proof that dismantles compliance issues and helps businesses and
courts quickly handle accusations.

Increasing consumer confidence with guaranteed trackable list compliance.

Decreasing advertising costs through using existing leads and once unusable leads more effectively.

Increasing top-line
revenue up to 30% or more by reducing TCPA consent legal issues.

Seamlessly, automate compliance operations, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

Unquestionable consumer status either granted or revoked.

3 Simple Steps to Compliance Confidence and Increasing Profits

Cliento features that will help your company scale faster than any other product on the market and get you more sales by maximizing the conversion rate.


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