Permissionize is a new company that’s revolutionizing the marketing permission compliance industry. Our intelligent blockchain technology is the only permission system that creates continuity between the opt-in and opt-out process.

We uniquely focus on improving the consumer experience instead of employing opaque practices that collect market-controlling data insights and disregard the consumer. Permissionize believes the power belongs to the people. Each consumer deserves to be in the driver’s seat of their data.

Our tools energize businesses with legal high-intent buyers and empower consumers with transparent access to personal “opt-in” records.

Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Denver, we are 100% committed and positioned to become the single-source marketing compliance solutions leader.

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Founder's Story

A Kismet Conversation

Shannon Hansen and Tom Cutshall were introduced to each other in a casual business gathering. That introduction sparked a kismet conversation about the lead generation industry: the challenges, the rewards, and the need for change.

Join forces and launch Permissionize

These talks inspired them to join forces and launch Permissionize.

Both Shannon and Tom, along with their respective joint venture partners, have a collective 50 years in the mortgage, financial, insurance, and home service lead-generation business. They intimately understand the challenges large and small businesses face to comply with the TCPA and state/federal guidelines.

Permissionize is designed to be the chosen alternative to oversized, unaccountable token and data insight-gathering practices. It simply solves permission ambiguity and creates transparency and accountability for businesses and consumers.

Shannon and Tom are passionate about creating good days, profitable days, and days with less legal friction. Each understands the impact good data can have on every part of an organization:

  • Marketing is empowered with the revitalization of leads by extending their investment, allowing them to create better audiences.
  • Sales thrives because each contact is interested and verified on the blockchain.
  • Legal is thrilled that sales and marketing are working in perfect harmony, resulting in less friction and avoidable legal expenses.
  • And finally, brand leadership enjoys brand affinity growth, resulting from improved customer experiences.

"Tom and Shannon's dual mission is to return the power to the people and revitalize profit opportunities for our business partners large and small."

The Future Revitalizes Profit and People Power

Our founders’ vision for the future is robust. Their patented solutions extend the value of lead investments, produce cleaner compliant data, improve customer satisfaction, and will allow consumers to access their permission data with the click of a button.

As our product and team continue to grow, one thing will remain the same: Tom and Shannon’s dual mission is to return the power to the people and revitalize profit opportunities for our business partners large and small.

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Permissionize strives to create a culture that encourages a kind, pioneering, and self-driven workforce. We believe in understanding what drives people, listening, and empowering each other to act on growth.

We’re committed not only to our client partners, but also ourselves as we continue looking for new ways that will help make Permissionize a force in win-win permission compliance solutions.

We are passionate about helping consumers take control of their relationships with businesses and helping our business partners thrive with tools that revitalize opportunities, deepen relationships, and increase profits.

We believe everyone should experience the freedom of initiating conversations with unwavering confidence.

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