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Boost Your Business with Legal High-Intent Buyers — Good data and seamless compliance automation change the game in productivity and profits.

  • Leads that are active and revitalized allow your marketing team to spend less time on tedious compliance work and more time on growing audiences and conversions.
  • Better quality leads increase closing rates and raise your sales team’s enthusiasm and productivity.

With Permissionize, your company can achieve an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction. You’re also likely to see a reduction in legal expenses as well as increased productivity across all departments, which will lead to happier employees who  are more productive at work!

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Permissionize is the only patented
solution that uses blockchain to track both the opt-in and opt-out of every contact, providing undeniable consumer permission for every marketing and sales campaign.

Our Services


Permission Refresh

Revive Old Leads. Generate New Revenue

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Permission Refresh is a powerful tool that allows growth-driven companies, like yours, to revive old leads and generate new revenue from otherwise dead assets. It can extend the use of leads perpetually until the client opts out.

It’s the perfect solution for advertisers who invest in lead generation and collect at least one million expired contact records every 2 years.

Don’t let your leads slip away! With Permission Refresh, you can confidently and compliantly re-engage with those who have already shown interest in your product or service.

  • Turn lost revenue from dead data into a revived revenue opportunity.
  • Eliminate high-legal risks of marketing due to non-compliant permission expired contacts.
  • Achieve absolute clarity about your list’s active contacts with effortless automation.
  • Extend lead use until the client actively opts out.

How Permission Refresh Works

"Permission Refresh allows you to refresh permission on 1000s of your aged leads every day."

  • Your company’s name and/or partner names are dynamically inserted on the TCPA partners list
    within a network of high-traffic websites which collect daily opt-ins.
  • Your contact database is put on file with Permissionize.
  • Permissionize listens for signals from our network of opt-in sites for a match to one of the phone numbers in your database.
  • When a match occurs, you get new opt-in information appended to your existing data record to prove permission has been refreshed.



Stop Client Slippage Before It Starts

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, understanding your client’s needs isn’t just a courtesy – it's a necessity. What if you had the power to predict when a loyal client is on the brink of exploring other avenues? The solution is here, and it's transforming businesses across sectors.

Introducing: RetentionMax - The tool designed specifically to provide real-time insights into your clients’ digital behavior. With us, you're not just reacting; you're proactively shaping their journey with your brand.

How will RetentionMax be game-changing for you?

  • Minimize Churn: Every client that stays is revenue saved. Our solution alerts you the moment a client explores elsewhere, allowing instant engagement to keep them onboard.
  • Boost Your ROI: Harness our insights to craft targeted offers and messages that resonate. It's smarter, not harder, marketing.
  • Secure & Ethical: We prioritize data security and privacy. Rest easy knowing you’re compliant and your clients' data is protected.
  • Future-Proofing: Stay relevant. By understanding evolving behaviors, you can innovate and adapt, always staying a step ahead of the competition.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that you’re not just waiting for quarterly reports, but actively guiding your business decisions with real-time data. RetentionMax isn’t just another tool; it's your secret weapon in customer retention.

If being proactive, informed, and one step ahead sounds right for your business, let's connect. The future of client engagement is here, and it’s waiting for you.

Don’t let another valuable client slip through the gaps. Discover the power of proactive retention with RetentionMax.



Stop Dialing Leads Who Won’t Answer

How much time does your sales team spend dialing prospects, only to be met with the silence of unanswered calls? Imagine if you could know in advance which calls would go unanswered and which would connect you to a potential goldmine.

Introducing our state-of-the-art B2Bsolution: EngageMax.

What can EngageMax do for Your Business:

  • Skyrocket Operational Efficiency: No more aimlessly navigating through endless lists. We empower your team to target the warmest leads, ensuring their time is spent on calls that count.
  • Slash Marketing Costs: Every dollar in business is precious. Stop wasting your budget on unreachable prospects. Our tool ensures every marketing dollar is spent with precision. Stop buying prospects who are unlikely to convert and start buying the ones who are.
  • Amplify Conversion Rates:  Connect with leads that matter, and watch your conversion rates soar. The difference between a cold lead and a receptive prospect can be monumental for your bottom line.

But don't just take our word for it. Industry leaders in telemarketing, SaaS, commercial real estate, and more have integrated our solution to revolutionize their sales and marketing approach. The results? A robust ROI and a sales process that feels less like a gamble and more like a strategy.

If you're ready to elevate your sales game, reduce costs, and ensure your team's efforts are laser-focused on real results, then it's time to embrace the future of prospecting.

Join the revolution. Let's transform your lead lists from a field of uncertainties to a treasure map of opportunities.

Act Now: For a limited time, benefit from an exclusive demo and see firsthand how our EngageMaxcan reshape your approach to B2B sales.


Compliance Guard

Permission Opt-in & Opt-out Tracking and Verification

Compliance Guard arms you with irrefutable, verifiable audits from our exclusive blockchain timeline – documenting the exact moment the agitated consumer opts in and out.

This is a must-have defense asset for any business that uses a contact form, collects lead data, or buys, sells, or processes contact data – CRMs, brokers, etc.

Guard yourself with ironclad blockchain permission records. Quit paying for expensive audit fees for services that offer (opt-in only) limited proof.

  • Quickly defend yourself against legal complaints with unwavering confidence.
  • Put power back in your hands with recorded time-specific opt-in and out consumer actions.
  • Dramatically reduce costs of legal expenses in fees and settlements.
  • Easily retrieve no-hassle permission audits.
  • Enjoy peace of mind using Permission Refresh with Compliance Guard ready to defend against future legal issues.

How Compliance Guard Works

All advertisers receive a record of each lead that opts into their website and a playback of that opt-in action. These records are then encrypted and stored permanently on the blockchain. When a complaint is filed, the permission audit shows the specified point in time of the opt-in and the opt-out. Corresponding blockchain records verify proof on the permission timeline and show proof of the permission status at the exact moment in question.


Compliance Block

Stops Non-compliant Clicks and Calls

With 100% real-time accuracy, Click & Call Block automatically stops all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as any SMS website visitors who might originate from non-compliant data.

This pioneering feature offers the ultimate protection for advertisers with affiliates who do outbound dialing and accept inbound phone calls into their call centers or visitors from text messages to their websites.

Never accidentally take a high-risk non-compliant call or website visitor again. Compliance Block can help ensure every call from an affiliate, your dialer and every SMS visitor sent to your website is legal and compliant.

  • Block non-compliant calls and visitors to your website with a click.
  • Easily integrate affiliates to ensure traffic compliance.
  • Effortlessly manage large marketing/suppression lists and export the results in real-time or batches.
  • Stop wasting money on outdated, non-real-time services that leave out important controls.
  • Enjoy our automated systems that relieve teams of manually managing tedious suppression lists.
  • Be in complete control. Never worry about affiliate suppression list adherence.
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Our Guarantee

We guarantee fast and pain-free suppression list processing and automation for any conceivable use case. If we don’t support your use case, we’ll do everything in our power to build functionality that will.

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